Five Key Benefits of Metal Roll Forming

Roll forming is a fast, highly efficient metalworking method that utilizes rollers to bend and form material into complex shapes for large production runs. As an alternative to processes like stamping, extrusion, and press braking, roll forming can offer higher quality, tighter tolerances, and project versatility, with applications in everything from metal furniture and appliances to construction materials like steel channels, flashing, tubes, support frames, and more.

The process commonly begins with coiled steel in one of any number of materials, such as:

  • Hot and cold rolled steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum and aluminized steel
  • Titanium

This material will enter the roll forming machinery, and as it passes continuously through multiple stations, rollers will bend the metal precisely and incrementally, with the cumulative result being either simple or uniquely profiled metal components. The machinery achieves repeatable quality for all parts through a consistent and affordable forming method with high-volume output.

Metal Roll Forming

Benefits of Metal Roll Forming

Compared to other metalworking processes, metal roll forming has some significant advantages.

High-Efficiency Productivity

Roll forming shapes lighter-weight metal components faster than many other production processes and at higher volumes. The process requires minimal human intervention because computer-aided design (CAD) software can manage the structural composition and design pattern. Roll forming machinery can also incorporate additional in-line services like welding and punching to streamline operations. Requiring nominal finishing and producing little material waste make for a highly efficient process overall.

Reliable Accuracy

As an incremental method, roll forming bends components in consecutive stages, allowing for high levels of accuracy and control as well as tight tolerances. Also, CAD software can guide the metal forming process from end to end for a consistent and quality end product.


Roll forming can perform profile bending for sheets of ferrous or nonferrous metals with different thickness levels. There is flexibility in part design as components can consist of a single bend or an intricate pattern of geometric shapes, all with a high degree of precision and uniformity. The process is ideal for producing U-channels, C-channels, round and closed shapes as well.

Part Dimension Capabilities

The roll forming process and its machinery reduce the need for seams by allowing you to shape longer metal components, and in varying lengths, all with one tool set. Stud and track machinery, for instance, can generate framing as long as is required. Brake pressing and stamping operations cannot accommodate the lengths of material that roll forming equipment can.


Roll forming reduces material waste thanks to increased precision in the end product. As the parts are of good quality with reliable consistency, you’ll have fewer cut-offs, seams, or rejected parts. The cost per unit drops as the production volume increases, and roll forming companies can pass these savings on to the customer.

Partner With Premier Products of Racine

Premier Products of Racine, Inc. has over two decades of experience providing custom roll forming services and products for a growing number of industries, with applications in construction, household appliances, telecommunications, solar systems, transport haulers, office furniture, and more. At our 210,000-sq.-ft. facility in Wisconsin, we utilize nine roll forming mills to manufacture precise components in thicknesses ranging from 0.010 to 0.187, widths up to 20 inches, and almost limitless options for product lengths. Our proprietary roll forming process enables our team to form highly cosmetic components and improve upon industry-standard production line speeds.

In addition to our roll forming capabilities, Premier Products of Racine provides value-added custom services such as metal stamping, welding, riveting, assembling, finishing, and packaging, to supply comprehensive options to our customers. We offer these services at highly affordable prices that allow us to compete internationally. We pride ourselves on being fast, flexible, and customer-centric.

Contact our roll forming experts today! To explore our capabilities for your roll forming applications or to begin your project, request a quote and our team will be happy to assist you.

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