Projection Welding for Top-Quality Parts

Projection welding is a type of resistance welding that produces durable and reliable joints in high-quality assemblies. It is similar to spot welding but is compatible with thicker metal sheets and parts. In this blog, you’ll learn more about the projection welding process and its benefits and uses in many industries.

Projection Welding Explained

Projection welding utilizes localized electric current as well as evenly distributed pressure and heat to achieve a strong metallurgical bond between two or more metal components. This welding method is unique in that it concentrates that electrical current and applies it — and the resulting heat — to the single, specific point where you wish to generate the weld.

This process uses two flat electrodes, one on either side of the components you’re fusing. Projections, which are small, raised metal segments that form on the surface of one or both workpieces in elongated ridges or round shapes, enable the current localization. As they heat and the component surfaces press together, the projections collapse and join, producing the weld nugget that serves as a durable joint.

The process typically handles thicker materials than spot welding, another resistance welding technique. Projection welding equipment also generates repeatable welds, adding a degree of uniformity to manufacturing and assembly processes.

Projection Welding Benefits

Projection welding is a time- and energy-efficient process for a range of materials and parts. It offers several benefits, including:

  • Strength over spot welds. The weld nugget that projection welding creates ensures strong joints. This process also removes any plating from the surfaces of the components you’re welding, which exposes the base metal to allow for a stronger bond.
  • Aesthetics. When you position projections correctly, there is little to no spatter generated during welding. Distortion is also minimal because the heat is very localized.
  • Appropriateness for thick materials. Projection welding is often used with metals that are 0.035 inches or thicker.
  • Hermetic sealing. When you use projection welding with nuts, bolts, or related components, you can create a complete seal. This is because some fasteners include ring projections, which encircle the base or flange of the stud or threads.
  • Flexibility of weld location and design. This process can place multiple small welds in close proximity to each other with a single electrode for optimal weld positioning and structural strength. Projection welding can produce more complex designs and profiles than techniques like spot welding can achieve.
  • Decreased scrap waste. This localized process minimizes the amount of material waste that you generate by only using the necessary projection amount.

Projection Welding Applications

Many industries use this versatile welding technique where strong and secure joints are necessary, only a small amount of space is available for a weld, or when it is important to minimize distortion or spatter. As mentioned above, it’s an optimal choice for creating hermetic seals, as well as handling threaded spuds and nut-and-bolt applications. Other common uses include:

  • Appliance parts
  • Automobile components
  • Medical devices and housings
  • Structural components for construction applications
  • Metal doors
  • Compressor parts and enclosures
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Fan covers
  • Metal shelving and furniture

Top-Quality Projection Welding From Premier Products of Racine

Since 1999, Premier Products of Racine, Inc. has offered projection welding services as part of our extensive capabilities, which include custom roll forming, metal fabrication, and stamping for low- and high-volume production runs. Our 210,000-square-foot facility is equipped with high-quality projection welding machinery that enables us to join stainless-stainless, stainless-carbon, and carbon-carbon components effectively and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services, competitive pricing, and innovative product solutions. Get in touch with one of our experts for more information to determine whether projection welding is right for your next project, or request a quote today.

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