Fabrication of Tube Burner for the Barbeque Industry

Fabrication of Tube Burner

We were asked by a customer to manufacture several thousand tube burners for installation in barbeque.

Our experience told us that by using a lock-seam tube instead of a welded tube we would produce the part more quickly, with reduced energy costs, and save our customer money. The lock-seam tube is a cooking-type elongated bar burner with numerous gas flow apertures, a top surface defined by a stiffening ridge, and a pair of laterally extending flanges.

We began by working closely with the customer during the design phase so we would be sure to meet their specifications. We actually designed the proprietary processes and engineered the tooling and custom machines needed to complete this project.

The burner is comprised of aluminized cold rolled steel and 304 stainless steel. We pre-notched the sheet, which enabled us to cut several secondary operations out of the overall fabrication process, resulting in a much lower cost per part.

The sheet metal was then roll-formed, pierced, and bent into the required configuration prior to assembly. Following custom part masking, we used our proprietary selective powder coating to finish the tube burner. 20” long and 0.036” thick, these tube burners were fabricated to tolerances of ±0.005”. We now manufacture 100,000 of them a year for our barbecue industry customer. To learn more, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Fabrication of Tube Burner

Product Name Lock-Seam Tube Burner
Product Description Lock Seam Roll formed Tube Burner
Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Roll Forming

Custom Part Masking
Proprietary Selective Powder Coating
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 20"
Thickness 0.036"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.005”
Material Used Aluminized Cold Rolled Steel
304 Stainless Steel
Material Finish Powder Coating
Industry for Use Barbeque
Volume 100,00pcs/year
Standards Met Customer Quality Specifications
Design Work Designed proprietary processes
Tooling and custom machines