Projection Welding

Projection WeldingPremier Products of Racine has recently added projection welding to our capabilities.  Our machines are capable of high to low volume projection and spot welding. With sophisticated controls, we are able to do multiple welds in the same operation allowing us to customize the weld depending on the materials, parts, and geometries.  

This allows us to not only weld but anneals in the same operation ensuring a strong weld that will not fail or fatigue over time. We weld together a wide variety of materials including stainless to stainless, stainless to carbon, carbon to carbon and other various material combinations.  

We also offer many finishing options for full start to finish part manufacture including plating, powder coat and e-coat of the finished product. Quality is achieved through our modern statistical process control (SPC) techniques to ensure the highest value to our customers.

For more information on how projection and spot welding services can meet the need of your application, contact us today.

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