Projection Welding

Projection Welding

At Premier Products of Racine, we offer a broad selection of full-service metal manufacturing capabilities, including projection welding. From low to high volumes, we can meet our customers’ projection welding needs.

Projection welding is a specialized type of resistance welding that localizes electrical current and heat to a single point. Raised segments, or projections, are formed on one or both of the metal pieces in the assembly. These projections enable the concentration of the current flow, which allows for the localization of heat generation to the desired weld location. The heat also causes the projections to collapse, resulting in the formation of weld nuggets that hold the part together. The use of projections to localize the current flow results in the production of a strong and aesthetically appealing weld.

Advantages of Projection Welding

Projection welding offers many advantages over conventional welding techniques, such as:

  • Lower energy usage. The process requires smaller amounts of current to produce a weld, reducing energy usage and costs.
  • Longer electrode service life. In contrast to spot welding, which uses mainly heat, projection welding uses heat and pressure to form a weld. This quality, combined with the lower current requirements, reduces the impact on the electrodes, resulting in longer service lives.
  • Better heat balance. Projection welding enables a more even distribution of heat relative to many other welding techniques. This quality is especially useful in cases where maintaining a proper heat balance is difficult, such as when welding parts together that have a notable size or material differences.
  • Broader weld versatility. Projection welding allows for multiple welds to be formed in close proximity using a single electrode.
  • Greater thickness allowance. Compared to spot welding, projection welding can be used to join thicker materials.
  • Higher quality welds. The presence of plating material can impede the welding process by reducing bond strength and increasing the potential for crack formation. Projection welding enables the removal of surface plating, allowing contact of the parent metals on both sides for a stronger bond.
  • Pre-weld & Annealing. With sophisticated computer-controlled welders, quality of the weld is greatly increased.  With the ability to have multiple welds done in fractions of a second, one can achieve pre-welding, welding, annealing and tempering all in a single operation.

Common Applications of Projection Welding

Projection welding produces a strong weld and offers high repeatability for part manufacturing. Its effectiveness and versatility make it suitable for a variety of applications, including the production of:

  • Appliance parts
  • Automobile parts
  • Compressor parts
  • Fan covers
  • Medical devices
  • Metal doors
  • Structural parts

Differences Between Spot Welding and Projection Welding

Both spot welding and projection welding are types of resistance welding, and each offers a different set of advantages and best use cases.

  • Spot welding, one of the oldest welding techniques still in use used today, is ideal for joining thinner pieces of metal together. The process is also fast, affordable, and easily automated.
  • Projection welding offers greater versatility and accommodates complex design features. Additionally, as previously mentioned, projection welding can join materials of greater thickness than spot welding.

Projection Welding Services at Premier Products of Racine

At Premier Products of Racine, we provide projection welding services to industries ranging from the appliance and office furniture to solar power generation and telecommunications. Regardless of whether an industrial customer needs a low or high volume production run, our high-quality welding equipment enables us to produce custom welded parts and products according to their unique set of parameters.

By working closely with each customer, our welding experts can develop and deliver an affordable and innovative solution that meets their needs. Our material welding capabilities include carbon-carbon, stainless-carbon, and stainless-stainless. We also offer finishing options to facilitate the delivery of a fully finished part, including powder coating, plating, and e-coating. To ensure the highest standards of quality in our work, we utilize advanced statistical process control (SPC) methods in our operations.

For additional information on our projection welding services and how they can benefit your next welding project, contact us today. To discuss your project specifications with our experts, request a quote.

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