The Advantages of Roll Forming for Sheet Metal-Based Parts

Roll forming is the process in which sheet metal is sent through a series of rollers which flatten, bend, and shape the sheet metal into the desired profile. Once the required shape has been achieved, the metal can be cleaned, anodized, detailed, and cut into desired lengths. 

Nearly any metal can be roll formed so long as the material possesses properties that enable it to tolerate the roll forming dies without incurring damage. 

Steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, and many other sheet metals can be shaped. 

The process is extremely versatile and capable of creating whatever profile shape is needed.  The process can also cut, punch, or weld in the line as well as emboss, perforate, or any number of finishing processes for the end product.

Advantages of Custom Roll Forming

Advantages of Roll Forming

Roll forming can be used to shape nearly any kind of sheet metal. The method enables strict tolerances and repeatability, making it ideal for the mass production of sheet metal-based components.  The series of roll forming stations enable the continuous production of identical components, providing significant economies of scale for large production runs.

The ability to take on an unlimited supply of stock also gives you consistency across the board, since the variations in the sheet metal will also remain consistent for all stock created. Painted or anodized sheet metal can also be run through the stations without damage. This eliminates inconsistency in paint color and allows for more efficient production of metal components on the whole.

Common Roll Forming Applications/Products

Considering the myriad types of sheet metal stock that can be roll formed, the process is suitable for most parts and products created via the bending of sheet metal. This process addresses the need for mass-produced, interchangeable parts fabricated with a high degree of precision.

Here are just a few examples of items created via roll forming:

  • Door and window hardware
  • Metal fencing
  • Computer casings and components
  • Metal furniture components
  • Rain gutters and house siding
  • Desk drawer slides
  • Steel support framing
  • Metal tubing
  • Construction flashing

Let Us Work for You

If your fabrication, construction, or engineering needs require a plentiful supply of identically formed components from a sheet metal base, roll forming might be exactly what you need to get the job done. With versatility restricted only by the tensile strength, flexibility, and hardness of the metal being sent through the process, roll forming can take an unlimited supply of stock and give you exactly the profile design you need in a fast, efficient, repeatable, and relatively inexpensive process.

Premier Products has the capability to meet all of your rolling needs.  With a 40,000-square-foot facility and a multi-station system of dies, cutting devices, and finishing machines, your needs can quickly and efficiently.  

Please contact us to see how we help with your roll forming project.


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