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Structural Frame Member
Structural Frame Member

A customer in the office furniture industry was building a new cubicle system and brought in Premier Products during the design and development phase to co-engineer. We offered our expertise for their structural steel frame member, revamping the original design to use fewer operations for production and eliminating features that would be costly and tedious to manufacture.

The vertical frame member was manufactured on site using our proprietary roll forming process. The part was pierced where necessary, and bent to final shape using our specially developed bend tooling. This tooling satisfies a bend tolerance of ± 0.005", making ± 0.3° bend angles. To finish the part, we employed our specialized part masking process and carefully applied black powder coating.

The structural part was produced from galvanized cold rolled steel, with finished dimensions of 32" - 64" in length x 0.060" thick. We manufacture 100,000 units of this part per year, meeting our customer's high expectations and our standards for excellence. We welcome the challenge to design and construct high quality custom metal shapes at a cost effective rate. For more information about this structural frame member project, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Structural Frame Project

Product Description
Structural frame member for office cubicles
Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes
Co-Engineering/Design & Development
Roll Forming
Proprietary Bending Operations

Custom Part Masking
Proprietary Selective Powder Coating
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 32" - 64"
Thickness: 0.060"
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005" Centerlines of Bend
± 0.3° Bend Angles
Material Used
Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel
Material Finish
Black Powder Coated (selectively applied)
Special Features
We developed proprietary bend tooling to satisfy a centerline bend tolerance of ± 0.005". We also developed a custom masking system to mask certain areas of the part during the final powder-coating process.
Industry for Use
Office Furniture
100,000 pcs/year
Standards Met
Customers Custom Quality and Aesthetics Standards
Product Name
Vertical Frame Member
Design Work
Design of Proprietary Processes
Tooling Design and Custom Machines
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